The Student Initiative Fund (Policy O.1.7.) provides money for student projects that benefit the student body at Daniels.

> What qualifies for funding?

Projects that qualify for funding must benefit the student body at the Daniels Faculty. Projects can be academic or social in nature, or may be improvements to our physical facilities. Any member of the Union can make a request for funding (generally, if you are a student at Daniels, you are a member of the Union).

> How much funding is available?

The total amount of the Student Initiative Fund is determined by the General Council of the Union, guided by the Treasurer, and can vary year-to-year. The General Council includes both the Executive Council and Student Reps. The Student Initiative Fund comes out of the Executive Council’s total annual budget. The budget for the 2023-24 year is $1,000.

> How can I apply for funding?

Apply for funding by contacting the Executive Council. Be prepared to put together a proposal and budget to present at the next General Council meeting. The General Council will then vote on the proposal in private.

> What does not qualify for funding?

The Student Initiative Fund cannot be used to cover for-profit activities, like selling merchandise for-profit. Transportation costs are also ineligible for Student Initiative funding.

> Past Initiatives that have been funded include:

Contribution to 2022 MVS Studio Program Graduating Exhibition, Web hosting for Interiors of Isolation

As of March 2021, GALDSU has jointly suspended its participation in the Daniels Equity and Diversity Committee with AVSSU and the FGSA. *** Click here to learn more ***