Cafe 059 is a student-operated volunteer-run cafe and a joint venture of GALDSU and AVSSU. It is located in the main atrium of the Daniels building. 

You can find a link to sign up for shifts on our IG page

The Graduate Cafe Managers will be announced in September.

5.1 Cafe 059 

Cafe 059 is a student-operated cafe and a joint venture of GALDSU and AVSSU. The cafe is generally managed by a team of four. This team is comprised by two Cafe Managers, plus two additional Support Managers. An honorarium of $1000 is given to each manager or support manager; $500 at the end of each term. The honoraria are jointly funded by GALDSU and AVSSU. GALDSU and AVSSU will each provide $2000 toward the honoraria.

GALDSU, AVSSU, the cafe managers and other students may use the cafe space to host events. Cafe 059 operates fairly independently of GALDSU and AVSSU. The Cafe is not permitted to make profit for the sake of making profit. Any profit that is accrued should be reinvested into student life, by hosting or supporting student events and initiatives (such as providing review coffee and food.) Use of profits shall benefit both undergrad and graduate students, in all programs within the faculty. Should the Cafe encounter financial stress, GALDSU and AVSSU are responsible to step in.

New managers are hired at the end of the Winter term. An open call is made to both grad and undergrad students, and interviews are conducted by at least two of the following people:

  • The outgoing manager team of 4
  • AVSSU VP Internal
  • AVSSU President
  • GALDSU President 

Cafe Managers will apply as a team of 2. Support Managers may apply as a team of 2 or as individuals. The hiring committee will endeavour to include both graduate and undergraduate students within the overall managerial team of 4 (at least one grad, or at least one undergrad), but all positions are open to any student within the faculty.

The managerial team oversees all cafe operations. Roles of the Cafe Managers and Support Managers will be determined on a working basis with each new managerial team. Generally, the Cafe Manager pair will determine the overall direction and will oversee the business operations of the cafe, including assuming responsibility for the Cafe 059 bank account, which is separate from the accounts of GALDSU and AVSSU.

The managerial team will work with volunteers from both levels of the faculty and will aim to operate the cafe throughout the school year; from the start of classes through final reviews, whenever possible. The increased capacity of the manager team (from 2 to 4 members) will help to facilitate this.

The GALDSU and AVSSU Executives are encouraged to volunteer for a weekly shift. GALDSU and AVSSU will each have one Cafe key, in addition to the 4 managers - 6 keys total.

As of March 2021, GALDSU has jointly suspended its participation in the Daniels Equity and Diversity Committee with AVSSU and the FGSA. *** Click here to learn more ***