In addition to the awards available through the faculty, students are also eligble to apply for SGS, OGS and UTGSU funding. 


The Awards team at Daniels sends email notifications of deadlines and conducts workshops to help students prepare for School of Graduate Studies (SGS) and Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) awards.

The number of OGS awards available in a given year are influenced by the number of applications recieved in the previous year. (Apply even if you are in first year! It’s good practice and increases the chances of more awards being available when you are in second year!)


As a union member, you are elegible to apply for funding from the UTGSU. Programs include a conference bursury, bursury for black graduate students and a community development fund. 

It's hard to talk about salary, but you won’t know whether your wage is fair if you don't know what other people are making.

> The Open Wage Project

A crowd sourced spreadsheet with data from recent Canadian graduates.

> Archinect Salary Poll

Data specific to Canada, can be filtered and sorted by a variety of categories.

> Canadian Landscape Architect Compensation & Benefits Study

Compiled in 2019 by Portage Group for the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects

There are a number of employment opportunities available through the faculty. Rates of pay and access to additional benefits vary based on the type of work.

> TA

Teaching Assistantships (TAs) are given opportunities to assist in teaching and course activities, including; lecturing, facilitate class discussions, organizing group work and student evaluation. First consideration is given to students with prior experience.

Positions are posted three times a year (for Fall, Winter and Summer semesters) and you will be notified by email when postings are up. TAs are paid $47.64/hr (SGS II rate) with contract hours ranging from 30-120+. TAs are unionized positions represented by CUPE 3902, Unit 1. As a CUPE3902, Unit 1 member, you will have access to benefits, including a Top-up Health and Dental Plan. 

> Work Study

Twice a year (fall-winter and summer), the Work Study Program offers paid, on-campus positions that provide you with an opportunity to deepen your knowledge, strengthen your skills and explore how your academic studies translate to career possibilities. The Work Study program should have your learning at the centre of the experience

Students are permitted to accept only one Work Study position per session. Work Study positions are covered under the collective agreement between U of T and the United Steelworkers Union as  the “Casual” Bargaining Unit. This agreement does not provide access to additional benefits.

Work Study positions pay a minimum of $15.90 an hour. Students typically work 10 hours of work per week (15 hours a week maximum), to a maximum of 200 hours for the fall/winter program and 100 hours in the summer program.

Please note: the Work Study Program is a program approved by the University of Toronto that is exempt from the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA), 4% vacation pay is not paid on top of the wage.

To participate in a Summer Work Study, students must be enrolled in at least 0.5 credits, if you are not enrolled in a course, the Registrar’s office will put you in a shell course. Graduate students do not pay fees for the summer semester.  

There are also work opportunities through the workshop, facilities and the library, some which fall under the work study program and others which are contract with union benefits.

As of March 2021, GALDSU has jointly suspended its participation in the Daniels Equity and Diversity Committee with AVSSU and the FGSA. *** Click here to learn more ***