Executive Team 2023-24

Melisa A. Villegas Espinoza

If I'm not in class, you will find me...

You will find me in a coffee shop. I love a good cup of coffee and to get to know those cozy spaces that complement it. This is where I find myself most productive, it's definitely one of the highlights of my day.

My favourite spots of the summer are Farenheit for their Diablo Brazil bean with chocolate notes, and Found, which is the only place I've come across that handles mocha with dark chocolate.

Program: Master of Urban Design


Eric Brandon Wang
Vice President

What are some good podcasts to listen to while working?

Song Exploder and Las Culturistas are two podcasts I enjoy listening to while working. They’re fun and easy to listen to while working away at drawings and models. 

Program: Master of Architecture


Will Banks

What is your favourite lunch and coffee spot near Daniels?

My favourite lunch spot near Daniels is Phở Hưng and my favourite coffee spot is Pamenar. I am  looking forward to a fun next two semesters at Daniels and to advocating for the interests of our student body.

Program: Master of Architecture


Bhavika Sharma
Equity + Diversity Officer

What are some good songs or albums to listen to while working? 

When working on studio projects, I tend to get deeply absorbed in an album. I find myself frequently listening to "Adieux au Dancefloor" by Marie Davidson, "Etazhi" by Molchat Doma, "iii" by Badbadnotgood, and "Viva La Woman" by Cibo Matto. (I have a feeling that I will exhaust these albums before the school year is over.)

Program: Master of Landscape Architecture


Izzy Mink
Health + Sustainability Officer

My favourite class so far has been...

A tough question! I liked studio in first year second semester a lot. Materials, assemblies and techniques was really fun too, and super practical.

Program: Master of Landscape Architecture


Rachel Sau
Social Chair

If I’m not in class, you will find me…

Traveling or trying out different cultural cuisines at various restaurants. I like Indian food from Benares, Scottish food from The Caledonian and Korean food from Jin Dal Lae!


Fion Kong

What are some good songs or albums to listen to while working?

The Köln Concert is one of my favourite music to listen to when I need to focus. It’s a recording of solo piano improvisation by Keith Jarett. I wouldn’t consider myself a piano fan but this one is special. But my latest favourite album, it would have to be Taylor Swift’s Midnights.

Program: Master of Landscape Architecture


General Council 2023-24

Master of Architecture

Year 1
Sadat Anwar
Arjay Asuncion

Year 2
Negar Mashoof
Avondale Nixon

Year 3
Daniel Lewycky
Shayma Ben Brahim
Master of Landscape Architecture

Year 1
Benjamin Dunn
Faeron Wright-Jones

Year 2
Bracha Stettin
Sakshi Riar

Year 3
Coco Wang
Sophie Smith
Master of Urban Design

Year 1
Shivangi Chauhan
Diane Kim

Year 2
Duru Kaman
Erendira Tranquilino
Master of Visual Studies

Year 1
Abby Oni

Year 2
Samantha Lance

As of March 2021, GALDSU has jointly suspended its participation in the Daniels Equity and Diversity Committee with AVSSU and the FGSA. *** Click here to learn more ***