GALDSU's Executive Council is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Union, coordinating the many initiatives of the Union and providing an important link between students and the Faculty. Below is a brief description of each member of the Executive.

Office of the President

The President's primary task is to manage the overall operations and oversee the many initiatives of the Union, including but not limited to publications, events, meetings, exhibitions, and the café. The President will work with the other members of the Executive Council, café managers, editors, and class representatives, to ensure the proper functioning of the Union, delegating tasks as needed. The President, along with the Vice-President and Treasurer, will have signing power and oversee the financial well-being of the Union. As the head of the Executive Council, the President sets the agenda for, and chairs all GALDSU meetings: Executive, General, All-School, etc.

The president is the first point of contact for the Union, acting as the official representative of GALDSU to the Faculty, University, and general public. The President is responsible for setting up regular meetings with the Dean, members of the Faculty, and administration, in order to ensure effective and frequent communication. The President also sits within the Faculty’s Executive Committee and Faculty Council, and is ex-officio member of all committees struck by GALDSU.

Office of the Vice-President

The Vice-­President’s primary role is to assist the President in the overall operations of the Union. The Vice­-President will work closely with the President and share the responsibilities associated with GALDSU’s operations and initiatives, including but not limited to setting the agenda, organizing meetings, cafe, exhibitions, publications, and events. The Vice-President, along with the President and Treasurer, will have signing authority.

The Vice-President is responsible with assisting with the general communication of GALDSU to its members and the general public, including social media and website updates. In addition, the Vice-President is one of the three official representatives of GALDSU at the University of Toronto’s Graduate Student Union’s General Council and the contact person between the UTGSU and GALDSU.

Office of the Secretary

The Secretary is responsible for the management of all administrative tasks, excluding financial tasks, including preparing, emailing, and printing agendas for council meetings, as well as recording minutes and attendance for all meetings and distributing said minutes. The Secretary maintains the GALDSU calendar, including all important dates, deadlines and events affiliated with both GALDSU and the Faculty, such as events, lectures, and presentations. The Secretary will also maintain up-to-date contact information for all Executive and General Council members.

The Secretary, in collaboration with the Vice-President and President, provides assistance with the general communication of GALDSU to its members and the general public, including social media, emails, and website updates. The Secretary should provide additional assistance to the President and Vice President with respect to the coordination of GALDSU events, such as presentation material, review food catering schedules, and other items as needed.

Office of the Treasurer

The Treasurer’s main role is to manage GALDSU’s funds, disburse reimbursements and ensure GALDSU’s immediate and long-­term financial security. At the beginning of the year, the Treasurer, in consultation with the President, is to develop a budget and present it to the Executive Council for approval. The Treasurer will have signing authority, along with the President and Vice-President.

The Treasurer is also responsible for ensuring any audits are completed on time and in accordance to UTGSU and University of Toronto regulations. To facilitate the audit process, and to ensure financial well­being, the Treasurer must keep excellent records of all transactions.

Office of the Social Events Chair

The Social Events Chair is responsible for coordinating and planning events, including preparing promotional material, ordering beverages and food, booking the venue, event set-up and take-down, and coordination of class representatives for the running of the event. The Social Events Chair must ensure all University regulations are met, including coordination with UofT Beverage Services. The Social Events Chair will also arrange the catering of food and beverages for all GALDSU meetings.

In addition, the Social Events Chair will assist in the coordination of Final Review catering, including coordinating volunteers for set-up and take-down. The Social Events Chair will act as a liaison between the GALDSU Executive and the café managers, facilitating collaboration and effective communication.

Office of the Health and Sustainability Officer

The Health and Sustainability Officer is responsible for GALDSU’s Health initiatives, including physical and mental health, as well as GALDSU’s sustainability programs. The Health and Sustainability Officer will coordinate GALDSU’s participation in Intramurals, including team sign-ups and registration, as well as keeping track of their performance. In addition, the Health and Sustainability Officer will coordinate with team captains to collect up-to-date information for GALDSU’s website.

The Health and Sustainability Officer will chair GALDSU’s Health and Well-being Committee and facilitate the updating, implementation and coordination of the annual Health and Well-being Survey. The Health and Sustainability Officer will also assist in the preparation of the final report and its dissemination to the student body, following the procedures of the committee. Additionally, the Health and Sustainability Officer will coordinate with GALDSU’s Executive and the Faculty’s building management to ensure properly-stocked first aid kits, address building health concerns, and lead any sustainability initiatives organized by the Union.